• Plus

    $ 1,500 mo
    Great for individuals
    • 5000 Queries
    • 2 Agents
    • Basic Search
    • Candidate Background
    • Custom Portal
    • Email Support
    • ... and More!
  • Pro

    $ 2,500 mo
    Great for small business
    • 25,000 Queries
    • 10 Agents
    • Advanced Search
    • Location Scatter Graph
    • Custom Portal
    • Email Support
    • ... and More!
  • Enterprise

    Contact Us
    Great for corporations
    • 1 Million Queries
    • Unlimited Agents
    • Advanced Search
    • Interactive Scatter Graph
    • Administration Portal
    • Email/Chat/Phone Support
    • ... and More!


Ooqio Plus (Ooqio+) allows you to harness the data we collect via anonymous peer reviews, and see things that other platforms aren't able to show you. The difference in our secret sauce is that we give the recruiter the ability to see the entire spectrum of a potential candidate!

Some of Ooqio+’s Key Features:

  • Scatter Graph:  We map votes by IP address and date ranges which can be converted to cities and show them in Google maps to see where people are ranking on a candidate from.
  • Historic data:  Set the slidebar to a point in time to see when a person was ranked. Check their resume; did the score go up or down after leaving that last job?
  • DNI data integration:  We’ll integrate your current “Do Not Interview” (DNI) list and add it to your profile to see where you should reconsider some on the list.
  • Unique versus return ranks:  By default, we don’t show that data –we do some deep heuristics on our platform to identify ranking way up (or way down) on a candidate. This is key to the overall score of a person as you want to have confidence that it’s a holistic look.
  • Ranking times:  We’ll show you the time of each ranking. Some folks may have just gotten voted on by his 100 best friends today. We’ll show you how people have seen this person over the life of the entry.
  • Sort by location:  By default we’ll show you the top 50 candidates in total, but use Ooqio+ to narrow the scope down to the city you’re looking to fill in.
  • Company-specific database:  When you sign-up, you get your own login that allows you to create/sort/note your candidates how you want to see them, while still harnessing the power of EVERYONE ranking them.
  • Import your current data!  Want to have a bulk import of your data from your favorite system? Maxhire? Bullhorn? Taleo? If you can export it, we can import it in short order!
  • Notifications:  Interested in a particular candidate? Want to know when that person gets a new ranking? We’ll let you know real-time, so you can keep a close eye on the competition!

We’ll continue to roll out new features that we’ve got squirreled away, but this gives you a great sneak peek of what Ooqio+ offers! Want to get in on the ground floor?